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The T92+ features an advanced continuous vari
bandwidth feature making it the instrument of ch
for applications with a demand for precise and accu
control of wavelength resolution. This feature all
the user to specify exactly what bandpass is require
the range of 0.1-5nm.
The double beam optical design combined with a
specification holographic grating gives excell
wavelength separation allowing the user to mea
close adjacent wavelengths with excellent sensitivit
The modular design of the sample compartment all
for ease of use of a wide range of optional accesso
ensuring accurate analysis of various sample t
including liquids, thin films and powders.
The user friendly design of the lamp compart
allows easy replacement and simplified rou
maintenance of the Deuterium and Tungsten lamp
As with other bench-top spectrophotometers in the
Instruments range, full instrument control, d
acquisition and processing of measurement dat
possible by means of the UV-Win software. For
information please refer to the UV-Win section of